Victoria Beckham's breast implants seemed to be MIA recently, and now we know why. The fashion designer finally admitted what Spice Girl fans already suspected — her double Ds are long gone. "I don't have them anymore," she says in an interview with Allure magazine. 

"I think I may have purchased them," the beautiful Brit joked. "Or they got removed, one or the other."

It's no secret that Beckham, 39, has gone through a huge transformation in the last 10 years — both inside and out. The successful fashion designer and mother of four has so completely changed her look, in fact, that it's hard to believe the platinum blonde with hourglass curves is the same person who is now often seen in suits, pencil skirts and muted makeup.

Victoria Beckham When the former Spice Girl singer attended the London premiere of 'The Class of 92' in December 2013 her look was classic and conservative.

From Curvy to Classy

Beckham's transformation from sassy singer to stylish sophisticate has been gradual. Her body and fashion makeover have mirrored the changes in her life. With the birth of each child — three sons and a daughter — and the evolution of her clothing brand, Beckham has shed her curves and craziness.

She reportedly underwent her first breast reduction in 2009, taking her fake 34DDs to 34Bs. According to reports, the former Spice Girl went for a second reduction after giving birth to her daughter, Harper, in 2011. That surgery took her cup size down to a tiny 34A. Yet some fans forget that that's what Beckham looked like when she started out with the Spice Girls.

David, Brooklyn, Victoria, Cruz and Romeo Beckham David Beckham, his wife Victoria, and their children Brooklyn, Cruz and Romeo attended a premiere together in December 2013.

From Posh To Polished

Though motherhood to Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper has definitely had a huge impact, Beckham's transformation also seems to be inspired by her immersion in the fashion world. Her stick-thin body looks more like a model's figure than a singer's. Her classic shift dresses in neutral colors are the mainstays of most fashion editors' closets.

"People I respect complimenting me on my work in fashion is more exciting to me than anything I ever achieved as a Spice Girl," Beckham told Marie Claire in 2010. "I am now competing in an arena where I can hold my head high. I feel quite confident in what I'm doing now, much more than the singing. I was never going to give Mariah Carey any competition."

Victoria Beckham with the Spice Girls When Victoria Beckham posed in 2007 with Spice Girls Melanie Chisholm, Gerri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Melanie Brown her curves were on full display.

From Sassy To Stylish

In many respects, Beckham has become synonymous with her fashion label. And increasingly that fashion label is classic and — dare we say it — even a little conservative. "I've made [the line] more me," the designer told The Guardian in 2012. "The bottom line is if it's not right for my wardrobe, then it's not right for the brand. I realize women come in different sizes, and I do want to reach a larger audience with this line. My sister, for instance – she won't wear the mainline but loves the Victoria dresses. But I have to remember what my customer likes about the brand – what my customer likes about me."

The Spice Girls When Spice Girls Mel G, Victoria Beckham, Mel C and Emma Bunton posed in November 1999, Posh had a boyish figure.

Beckham's recent collection shown at New York Fashion Week was filled with everyday staples in white and black. The jackets' silhouettes were boyish and a bit boxy. Curves would not work with those blazers.

Victoria Beckham Fall 2014 Show at New York Fashion Week With straight, boyish cuts and neutral hues, Victoria Beckham's Fall 2014 collection mimicked her personal style through and through.

Victoria Beckham is not only a mom, she's an ambassador of her fashion brand. And she has to look the part. It's hard to believe that her style evolution — and lack of breast implants — is an accident.

Flash may sell. But it's not classy. So you won't see it in this mom's closet. And least not this season.