The View cast members say they are all friends even when things get tense on-air. Jedediah Bila has repeatedly confirmed that she is still close with Whoopi Goldberg. And last week, she tweeted that she loves Joy Behar, as well.

Bila has gotten into several contentious arguments with the liberal co-hosts this season. Just last week, she and Behar faced off when Bila accused President Obama for lying as much as President Trump does. The two also faced off over whether or not The View should be an escape from the constant political talk.


Watch Bila and Behar argue on The View.

So last week, a Twitter user asked Bila if her arguments with Behar affected their friendship. But the former Fox News host replied, "Nope! Love her to pieces."

Bila similarly had nothing but love for Whoopi Goldberg. Last week, Bila tweeted of the comedian, "Adore her. The real deal." And earlier this month, Bila wrote that she and her fellow View cast members "all really respect each other."


She similarly told TV Insider in November, "We’re faking nothing. I would happily hang out with any of these women after work. Sara [Haines] has become like a sister to me. Whoopi still has me star struck, and even when we disagree she embraces me. Joy is one of the funniest people I know. I love all of them. Every single one. The people in Congress may not have respect for one another, but you sure see it on 'The View.' This show is a safe place to grow and blossom, regardless of your opinions."

Jedediah Bila Not Feuding With View Cast Jedediah Bila is more conservative than fellow 'View' cast members Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. And things can get heated during political debates, especially when Donald Trump is involved. But Bila says she is not feuding with the other hosts off camera.

Bila even tweeted in December that The View cast members are "some of [her] favorite people." And she likes being around other women with different points of view.


"Part of the fun of life is being in a diverse climate where you're challenged, and where you're forced to think about who you are and what you stand for, and sometimes defend yourself, and sometimes say, 'Wait a minute, I hadn't thought about it like that. You've made me think,'" she previously said. "That's some of my favorite moments."

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