Episode 2 of American Idol Season 13 airs Thursday night on Fox. But before you watch the second audition episode of 2014, check out our preview and spoilers below.

The Season 13 premiere of American Idol featured Harry Connick Jr.’s debut as a judge. The singer/actor was instantly one of the best additions to the series in years. He was good-natured but harsh when necessary to the various contestants. His aversion to “runs” and clear technical knowledge of music instantly made him a favorite among fans and critics alike.

It’s ironic that many fans spent the day talking about Harry Connick Jr.’s great debut. That’s because the judge spent much of the show dealing with contestants who did not know who he was. Instead, many fawned over fellow judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez. So when Munfarid Zandi revealed he frequented Connick’s Wikipedia page, the judge promised to cradle the contestant like a baby if his audition was successful. Thankfully for all of us, Munfarid had a beautiful voice, which left us with a lasting memory for American Idol Season 13.

Despite the judges’ antics, the focus of American Idol Season 13 actually may be on the contestants. More than 20 successful auditions aired in the first episode of 2014, with minimal air time the deluded fame-seekers.

One of our favorites from the American Idol Season 13 premiere was Savion Wright. Savion impressed us and the judges when he revealed he sat out auditions in prior years because he was not ready. He then performed a funky original song that could fit right into today’s music scene.

We also loved the emotional original song from Kaitlyn Jackson. The teen wrote a tune about the time her grandfather had a heart attack during her performance. The song itself was not as polished as Savion’s, but her voice was one of the best of the American Idol Season 13 premiere.

Fans of X Factor USA may have recognized two of the American Idol Season 13 contestants. Jillian Jensen brought Demi Lovato to tears in Season 2 with her story of being bullied. But she was shockingly cut before the live shows, which is why is now on Idol. She supposedly does much better during her 2014 foray into reality television. Meanwhile, Austin Percario returned as a soloist after being lumped into the Season 2 group InTENsity.

You can watch Episode 2 of American Idol Season 13 live at 8 p.m. EST. But if you cannot get to a television, you can watch highlights from the 2014 auditions online for free on the show’s YouTube page.

Did you watch the 2014 American Idol auditions live or online for free? What did you think of Season 13, Episode 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.