Episode 10 of The Bachelor Season 18 airs Monday night on ABC. But before you watch Juan Pablo Galavis face the ladies in the “Women Tell All” special, check out our preview and spoilers below.

We are still reeling from what happened on last week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 18. Andi Dorfman walked out on Juan Pablo after he supposedly acted selfish in the Fantasy Suite.

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Watch Andi confront Juan Pablo on last week's Bachelor Season 18 episode.

And based on this sneak peek of the “Women Tell All” special, it does not look like Andi has gotten over her anger.

“We all came here looking for a husband,” Andi said. “Very seldom did you use the word wife. “And I don't know if it's you weren't looking for a wife, and I think a lot of us are on the same page as far as you not really taking the time to get to know us."

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Of course, Andi is not the only person to slam Juan Pablo in recent days. Last week, former Bachelorette winner Jef Holm called the Season 18 star, “by far the sleaziest Bachelor." And even infamous Bachelor villain Kalon McMahon called Juan Pablo “hypocritical” and “shameless.”

So what else will happen in The Bachelor Season 18 “Women Tell All” special? The promos imply that much of the drama will center around the girls slamming Juan Pablo rather than fighting with each other.

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Watch a preview of The Bachelor Season 18, Episode 10 below.

WARNING: Major Spoilers Below

Indeed, according to Bachelor spoiler maven Reality Steve, nearly all of the drama in “Women Tell All” occurs when Juan Pablo joins the ladies on stage. Many of the contestants will accuse Juan Pablo of focusing too much on himself. Single mother Cassandra Ferguson in particular calls him out for kissing her while refusing to do the same to Renee Oteri because she had a child. Juan Pablo does not help matters by misstating the name of Cassandra’s son.

And of course, the topic of Juan Pablo’s controversial statements on gays will come up in Bachelor Season 18, Episode 10. Kelly Travis in particular will take offense to these remarks, as her father is homosexual.

You can watch Episode 10 of The Bachelor Season 18 at 8 p.m. EST. But if you cannot get to a television, you can watch a live stream of “Women Tell All” at ABC.com. You can also catch Episode 10 online for free this week here, as long as you have a cable account with certain television providers. If you do not get your television through Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Midcontinent, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber or AT&T U-verse, you will have to wait eight days to watch “Women Tell All” online for free.

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