Episode 7 of The Bachelor Season 18 airs Monday night on ABC. But before you watch the remaining six contestants compete for Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart in his hometown of Miami, check out our preview and spoilers below!

Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, Juan Pablo ruined Cassandra Ferguson’s birthday, sending the former Detroit Pistons dancer home during the group date. The Bachelor wrote in his blog that he chose to send her home earlier in the week because before the rose ceremony that he would be eliminating her. Thus, he figured he should send her home after the group date so she would get a few more days with her son.

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“Sending Cassandra home that night was very hard,” Juan Pablo wrote. “When I got back to the girls I told them that she is a wonderful woman and deserves a great guy, but that I wasn't the right guy for her. The other girls then told me that night was her birthday, and I almost died. I was devastated, and at first I thought, ‘What a birthday present I just gave Cassandra!’ I felt horrible. After thinking about it longer, I realized that it was better to be honest with her and that she would now get to spend her birthday at home with her son. That made me feel better.”

Kat Hurd was also sent home on last week’s episode of The Bachelor Season 18. So just six ladies remain in the quest to win a ring from Juan Pablo. 

So what will happen in Episode 7 of The Bachelor Season 18? For starters, it looks like Juan Pablo’s decision may get easier for him. Previews show Sharleen Joynt having second thoughts about competing for the hunk’s heart.

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WARNING: Major Spoilers Below

And according to Reality Steve, Sharleen will indeed quit The Bachelor in Episode 7. She will reportedly go on a romantic yacht date with Juan Pablo but will soon realize she is not in love. This should not come as a surprise, considering expressed doubts last week about her feelings for the bachelor. We’re relieved that she bows out so that a lady who truly wants to be there can win Juan Pablo’s heart in Season 18.

But Sharleen will not be the only lady eliminated on Episode 7 of The Bachelor Season 18  Per Reality Steve, Chelsie Webster gets cut at the rose ceremony, leaving just four girls left for the hometown dates.

You can watch Episode 7 of The Bachelor Season 18 live at 8 p.m. EST. But if you cannot get to a television, you can watch a live stream of the episode on ABC.com. You can also catch Episode 7 online for free this week on the network website. However, you must have an account with certain participating television providers, namely Comcast, Cablevision, Cox, Charter, Midcontinent, Verizon FiOS, Google Fiber or AT&T U-verse. If you do not have one of these providers, you cannot watch the Episode 7 live stream. You can still watch The Bachelor Season 18 online for free, but you will have to wait eight days to watch Episode 7 on ABC.com.

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