Episode 11 of Doctor Who Season 8 airs Saturday night on BBC One and other channels around the world. So what will happen in “Dark Water,” part one of the series finale?

The promo for “Dark Water” already has us excited about the Doctor Who Season 8 finale. Clara (Jenna Coleman) will apparently confiscate the Doctor’s (Peter Capaldi) TARDIS and tell a Cyberman that “Clara Oswald has never existed.” Does this mean she was purely a creation of the mysterious Missy (Michelle Gomez)?

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Watch the teaser trailer for "Dark Water," Episode 11 of Doctor Who Series 8.

Indeed, spoilers indicate that we will finally find out Missy’s true identity in the Doctor Who Season 8 finale. Even Rachel Talalay, the director of both “Dark Water” and next Saturday’s “Death In Heaven,” was shocked by the reveal.

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 “I read episode 11, the morning it came to me, as I left for the UK. I read it on the airplane and I shrieked!” Talalay said of “Dark Water.” “The other day when we were doing ADR, adding in the dialogue, the ADR technician slammed the console and said ‘oh my God, really? Really?’ It was classic, and I thought yes, it's going to work!”

Watch a sneak peek of Doctor Who's interaction with Missy on the Season 8 finale.

Meanwhile, the synopsis for “Dark Water” reveals that Doctor Who will have to make an “impossible choice” after meeting Missy in the Series 8 finale. Both the Doctor and Clara will also have to deal with an organization called 3W, which promises that “Death is not an end.”

American fans can watch Part 1 of the Doctor Who Season 8 finale live on BBC America at 9 p.m. ET, while British fans can see it at 7:30 p.m. local time on BBC One. For a full list of “Dark Water” air dates and channels around the world, click here. Those in the United Kingdom can also watch a live stream of Episode 11 here via the BBC iPlayer.

Did you watch Episode 11 of Doctor Who Season 8 live or online? What did you think of Part 1 of the series finale? Let us know your take on “Dark Water” in our comments section below.