Episode 2 of Scandal Season 6 airs Thursday night on ABC. So will "Hardball" reveal if Cyrus (Jeff Perry) killed Frankie (Ricardo Chavira)?

You can watch Scandal Season 6, Episode 2 live Thursday at 9 p.m. EST. But if you can't get to a television, you may be able to see a live stream of "Hardball" at ABC.com, if you live in certain markets.


You can also catch "Hardball" online for free this week on the network website, but only if you have certain participating television providers. If you don't have one of these TV providers, you can wait a week and watch Scandal Season 6, Episode 2 online for free via ABC.com.

Watch a preview of Scandal Season 6, Episode 2, "Hardball."

Last week on the Scandal Season 6 premiere, we finally saw the shocking election results. Frankie Vargas defeated Mellie (Bellamy Young) by a narrow margin. And many cast members couldn't help but notice the parallels to November's real-life election — even though last week's premiere was shot back in July.


"What was weird was the actual election hit us so hard that we couldn’t even realize [the connection]," star Katie Lowes told TVLine after the Scandal Season 6 premiere. "When [Trump won], I have to be frank, I wasn't even thinking about Scandal at all. But, when it hit me a week or so later what the content of the first episode was, it was like a ton of bricks. I was like, ‘Ohhh… myyyy….’ It was this slo-mo moment where everything starts playing in reverse."

But the rest of the episode played out much differently from the real-world results. Frankie was assassinated as he prepared to make his acceptance speech. And that left Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) to endorse either Mellie or Cyrus as the new President. He ultimately went with Frankie's running mate.

Watch a scene from last week's Scandal Season 6 premiere.

"I think what I can say about that is it's not a surprise," Young said of Fitz's decision on Scandal Season 6. "It's not the first time that he has not shown up for her. In her mind, she doubts it would be the last. It is another cut. It's like death by paper cuts at that point with Fitz. On top of losing the election and fearing for her life and caring for her son, that betrayal is small and unsurprising."

But Mellie may still have a chance at the White House. The Scandal Season 6 premiere ended with Charlie () finding a deleted voicemail tip claiming that Cyrus actually killed Frankie.

So what will happen on Episode 2 of Scandal Season 6? The synopsis reveals that "Hardball" will flash back to Mellie's Presidential campaign and reveal how desperate Olivia (Kerry Washington) was to win. Fitz and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) will also face an "unprecedented national crisis," presumably Francisco's assassination.

Watch Olivia argue that Cyrus killed Frankie in a sneak peek of "Hardball."

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