Is Julian Batts from Indiana University the worst Wheel Of Fortune player ever? Many are asking that question after the freshman made three of the worst blunders you will ever see. Yet somehow, he still managed to advance to the bonus round.

Julian Batts’ night on Wheel Of Fortune started off well enough, as he solved the second tossup puzzle to earn $2,000. But his first (and perhaps worst) epic fail came in the first round, when he filled in the entire puzzle, “Mythological Hero Achilles.” All he had to do was pronounce what was on the board, and he would have won $12,600 plus a chance at a $1 million in the bonus round.

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But apparently, Julian Batts is so busy studying Spanish and business at Indiana University that he has never gotten around to reading Greek tragedies. The worst Wheel Of Fortune player ever botched Achilles’ name so badly that host Pat Sajak could not give him credit for the answer. Instead, the next player correctly read the puzzle to win $1,000.

Watch Julian Batts from Indiana University’s first Wheel Of Fortune fail below.

Things seemed to turn around for Julian Batts in his second Wheel Of Fortune round. He successfully solved the puzzle “Science Project Runway” to pocket $9,700 in cash.

And the worst Wheel Of Fortune player ever seemed set to win both a car and a nice trip in the next round. He filled in the first three words of the puzzle, “The World’s Fastest.” This left only the final three-letter word unrevealed, save for the second letter of “A.” Considering the category was “Person,” the last word had to be “Man.” But instead of calling the obvious “M” or “N,” he tried the letter “C.” Of course, there was no “C,” so the lucky young lady next to him got to solve the puzzle and win a trip to Jamaica (home of Olympic track gold medalist Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man).

Sadly, Julian Batts’ night on Wheel Of Fortune got even worse from there. In the final round, the Indiana University student tried solving a puzzle with the phrase “On-The-Spot Dicespin,” which once again allowed the contestant next to him to correctly solve “On-The-Spot Decision.”

Watch all three blunders from the worst Wheel Of Fortune player ever below.

Despite all of these mistakes, Julian Batts still made it to the Wheel Of Fortune bonus round thanks to that second round victory. He did not solve the final puzzle, which would have earned him another $30,000 in cash. But this time, it was not because of any major mistakes on his part. The worst Wheel Of Fortune player ever simply did not have enough letters to come up with “Top Draft Pick.”

In the weeks before Julian Batts’ Wheel Of Fortune epic fails went viral, the Indiana University student said he was excited to appear on the game show. But while he still ended up taking home a nice chunk of change, we are not sure he will want to appear on television anytime soon.

“I've watched it as long as I can remember,” Julian Batts told the Indiana University website. “I have always had that desire to be on the show and solve puzzles in front of a live audience.”